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Table 4 Correlation between time to next treatment (TNT) and overall survival (OS)

From: Patterns of care and outcomes of patients with METAstatic soft tissue SARComa in a real-life setting: the METASARC observational study

  Spearman’s rho 95% CI
TNT1/OS1a 0.76 0.73–0.78
TNT2/OS2b 0.70 0.67–0.73
TNT3/OS3c 0.68 0.65–0.72
TNT4/OS4d 0.73 0.70–0.76
  1. aCalculated from the date of first-line treatment onset
  2. bCalculated from the date of second-line treatment onset
  3. cCalculated from the date of third-line treatment onset
  4. dCalculated from the date of fourth-line treatment onset