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Table 1 Included indicators

From: Incentivised chronic disease management and the inverse equity hypothesis: findings from a longitudinal analysis of Scottish primary care practice-level data

Indicator Definition
BP 04 Record of BP
BP 05 Last BP ≤ 150/90 mmHg
COPD 08 Influenza vaccine in the preceding 7 months
COPD 10 Record of forced expiratory volume in 1 s
COPD 13 Review, including MRC (Medical Research Council)
DM 02 Record of body mass index
DM 10 Neuropathy testing
DM 13 Micro-albuminuria testing
DM 17 Last measured total cholesterol ≤ 5 mmol/L
DM 18 Influenza vaccine
DM 21 Retinal screening
DM 22 Record of estimated glomerular filtration rate or creatinine
STROKE 06 TIA or stroke with BP ≤ 150/90 mmHg
STROKE 07 TIA or stroke with a record of total cholesterol
STROKE 08 TIA or stroke with last measured total cholesterol ≤ 5 mmol/L
STROKE 10 TIA or stroke with influenza vaccine
EPILEP 08 On drug treatment and seizure free
EPILEP 06 On drug treatment with a record of seizure frequency
CHD 06 Last BP ≤ 150/90 mmHg
CHD 08 Last total cholesterol ≤ 5 mmol/L
CHD 12 Influenza vaccine
CKD 02 Record of BP
CKD 03 Last BP ≤ 140/85 mmHg
CKD 06 Record of urine albumin to creatinine ratio (or protein to creatinine ratio)
DEM 02 Care has been reviewed
DEP 01 DM/CHD with depression screen
PP 01 New hypertensive medication (without CHD, diabetes, stroke and/or TIA) with a cardiovascular risk assessment
PP 02 Hypertensive medication; given lifestyle advice for physical activity, smoking, alcohol and healthy diet
THYROI 02 Hypothyroidism with thyroid function tests
  1. BP blood pressure, CHD coronary heart disease, CKD chronic kidney disease, COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, DEM dementia, DEP depression, EPILIP epilepsy, DM diabetes mellitus, PP primary prevention of heart disease, THYROI thyroid disease, TIA transient ischaemic attack