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Table 1 The number of patients to be screened per year, defined by the number of patients previously admitted to a ‘hospital with a known carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) problem’ extracted from the Hospital Episode Statistics, under a number of assumed definitions of ‘problem hospitals’, readmissions to the same hospital were excluded

From: The relative importance of large problems far away versus small problems closer to home: insights into limiting the spread of antimicrobial resistance in England

Hospitals with ‘known CPE problem’ defined as: Screening patients admitted to: Patients to be screened/year
Most affected Manchester hospital All other hospitals 52,958
In same region 42,431
Outside region 10,527
All hospitals in the Manchester referral region All other hospitals 228,575
In same region 192,613
Outside region 35,962
All hospitals in both London referral regions All other hospitals 750,939
In same region 666,909
Outside region 84,030