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Table 2 Major topics discussed in the media for HPV vaccines worldwide from 7 September to 23 December 2015a

From: Application of real-time global media monitoring and ‘derived questions’ for enhancing communication by regulatory bodies: the case of human papillomavirus vaccines

Experiences of female adolescents with suspected adverse reactions of HPV vaccines and beliefs in causal association with HPV vaccines [40]
Number of suspected adverse reaction reports received by the Danish authorities [34] and concerns in Denmark on the marketing authorisation holder’s restrictive search strategy on adverse effects of HPV vaccines [37]
Statements from parents claiming that they were not sufficiently informed about the adverse reaction profile of HPV vaccines before their decision-making on vaccination [4143]
Questions about safety and benefits of HPV vaccines [44, 45]
Study on misleading information on HPV vaccines on the Internet [46]
Lack of treatment options for CRPS and POTS [47]
Activities of anti-HPV vaccination groups and opinion leaders [32, 4853]
Protest by parents and activities by politicians against mandatory HPV vaccination in Rhode Island, USA [31, 54]
Call by the Irish government for investigations on suspected adverse reactions with HPV vaccines [42]
Continued suspension of HPV vaccination recommendation by the Ministry of Health in Japan [55]
USA presidential candidate Donald Trump claiming a causal association between vaccines and autism [56]
Replacement of Gardasil® by Cervarix® in the national HPV immunisation programme in Denmark [33]
Support to HPV immunisation programmes [36, 5759]
Reassuring safety and/or benefit data supporting HPV vaccination policies [19, 30, 36, 39, 60]
Protection against genital warts by HPV vaccination [61, 62]
Protection against mouth cancer by HPV vaccination and the importance of immunisation of boys [63]
Low HPV vaccine uptake by female and male adolescents in the USA [38, 64]
Responsibility of physicians for low HPV vaccination rates [35]
Discussion about appropriate HPV vaccination age [65]
Mainly neutral, but also some negative media coverage of the PRAC recommendation on the EU referral procedure on HPV vaccines [3], in particular in Denmark and Sweden [66, 67]
Need for further independent studies on the association between HPV vaccines and CRPS/POTS [6870]
  1. a The references do not provide all news stories or blog posts; they provide the key source as far as identifiable or selected examples of articles