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Fig. 4

From: ING3 promotes prostate cancer growth by activating the androgen receptor

Fig. 4

ING3 regulates prostate cancer cell proliferation. a LNCaP, DU145, and PC3 were seeded at equal density, transfected with siCtrl or siING3, and 10 days later were fixed and stained with crystal violet. b LNCaP cells were grown in media supplemented with 5% CSS for the indicated times, and cellular proliferation was assessed using Alamar Blue (left) or counted (right) at indicated times (t test (*P < 0.05 ***P < 0.001). c C4-2 cells were transfected with either siCtrl or siING3 under androgen deprivation conditions and seeded at equal density. Forty-eight h later cell proliferation was analyzed using automated live cell imaging over a 72-h time course (t test P *** < 0.001). d Forty-eight h after transfection with siCtrl or siING3, LNCaP cells were seeded at equal density in 24-well plates in media containing 20% FBS and 0.3% agarose and incubated to allow gels to solidify. Photomicrographs were taken after 10 days, and the diameter of colonies was measured. Representative images of siCtrl and siING3-transfected colonies are shown. e Immunofluorescence images of LNCaP cells transfected with either siCtrl or siING3 for 48 h and stained for Ki67 as a proliferation marker

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