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Table 4 The effect of the intervention (disease management versus usual care) on hospital admission endpoints

From: Disease management in the treatment of patients with chronic heart failure who have universal access to health care: a randomized controlled trial

Endpoint Crude incidence rate ratio (95% confidence interval) Adjusted incidence rate ratioa (95% confidence interval)
Number of hospital admissions for heart failure 0.894 (0.723 to 1.106) 0.816 (0.665 to 1.001)
Total number of in-hospital days for heart failure 0.846 (0.596 to 1.200) 0.720 (0.508 to 1.021)
Number of hospital admissions for all causes 0.973 (0.870 to 1.089) 0.935 (0.840 to 1.040)
Number of total in-hospital days for all causes 0.943 (0.793 to 1.120) 0.886 (0.749 to 1.048)
  1. NYHA New York Heart Association
  2. aIncidence rate ratios between the expected mean number of hospital admissions and in-hospital days among patients assigned to disease management and patients assigned to usual care were derived from negative binomial non-linear mixed models, adjusted for study center; source of recruitment; year at recruitment; study period; sex; baseline age, NYHA classification and 6-minute walk test