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Table 1 Mendelian randomisation studies of the link between uricaemia and various cardiovascular diseases/risk factors with variants of SLCA9 as instrumental variables

From: Impact of comorbidities on gout and hyperuricaemia: an update on prevalence and treatment options

Author year [ref] Instrumental variable No. of participants Population Main results
McKeigues 2009 [63] SNP 1017 Orkney Islands Scottish No effect on metabolic syndrome
Parsa 2012 [58] SNP 516 Amish Increase in ambulatory SBP, with low- and high-salt diets
Palmer 2013 [62] SNP >58,000
Danes No effect on BP or ischemic heart disease
Testa 2014 [61] SNP 755 Southern Italy Prediction of CKD progression
Mallamaci 2015 [59, 60] SNP 449 Southern Italy Increase in office SBP and US carotid atherosclerosis features
  1. BP blood pressure, SBP systolic blood pressure, SNP single nucleotide polymorphism, CKD chronic kidney disease, US ultrasonography