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Table 3 Associations of gestational hypertensive disorders with retinal vascular calibers 6 years after index pregnancy (n = 3391)

From: Gestational hypertensive disorders and retinal microvasculature: the Generation R Study

  Normotensive pregnancy (n = 3183) Gestational hypertension (n = 145) Beta (95% CI) P value Pre-eclampsia (n = 63) Beta (95% CI) P value
Retinal arteriolar caliber (SDS)
 Full model Ref –0.20 (–0.34, –0.05) 0.007 –0.40 (–0.62, –0.19) 0.0002
Retinal venular caliber (SDS)
 Full model Ref 0.22 (0.07–0.36) 0.003 0.08 (–0.13, 0.30) 0.45
  1. CI confidence interval, Ref reference, SDS standard deviation score
  2. Values are regression coefficients (95% CI) and are based on linear regression. Estimates are from multiple imputed data. Full model: adjusted for maternal age at enrollment, ethnicity, educational level at intake, smoking at intake, and pre-pregnancy BMI. Additionally, we adjusted for retinal venular caliber when assessing the outcome retinal arteriolar caliber and vice versa