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Table 4 Proportions of each statement type marked as true, by group, within the recognition test of memory

From: A randomised trial of the influence of racial stereotype bias on examiners’ scores, feedback and recollections in undergraduate clinical exams

  Proportion of statements marked “True” (95% CIs)
Statement type: Group A (recalling Asian student) Group B (recalling white student)
Real statements
 Stereotype-consistent 69% (65–73%) 68% (64–71%)
Stereotype-inconsistent 75% (7179%) 78% (7581%)
Invented statements
Stereotype-consistent 29% (24–33%) 32% (27–36%)
 Stereotype-inconsistent 34% (31–36%) 37% (34–40%)
  1. Theorised comparisons are highlighted in boldface and are non-significant