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Fig. 1

From: Choice of surrogate tissue influences neonatal EWAS findings

Fig. 1

Infant cord tissue showed more inter-individual variation than infant cord blood: proportion of CpGs that showed inter-individual variation and interquartile range (IQR) in DNA methylation. a Pie chart shows the proportion of CpGs for four distinct categories: (1) CpGs which showed inter-individual variation in both tissues, (2) CpGs which showed inter-individual variation only in infant cord blood, (3) CpGs which showed inter-individual variation only in infant cord tissue, and (4) CpGs which did not show inter-individual variation in either tissue. A total of 239,560 CpGs passed quality control in both datasets. b Plot of proportion of CpGs (vertical axis) in each tissue (out of 239,560 CpGs) with DNA methylation IQR greater than or equal to the value specified on the horizontal axis. c Boxplots show the distribution of the DNA methylation IQR, for CpGs in infant cord tissue (bright orange) and infant cord blood (bright blue), respectively, for each of the four categories. Outliers are not shown in the boxplots. A CpG was defined to show inter-individual variation if the DNA methylation range (maximum–minimum, excluding outliers) was greater than 10% and DNA methylation 99th percentile–1st percentile was greater than 5%

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