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Table 2 Model parameters used to fit the incidence/prevalence of HCV patients observed in the Dat’AIDS cohort between 2012 and 2016 and for the different projections

From: Modeling HIV-HCV coinfection epidemiology in the direct-acting antiviral era: the road to elimination

Parameter Symbol Point value Unit References
Death rate μ 1.4% per year Dat’AIDS
Infection rate of HIV (in each risk group j) θj see Reference [19, 20]
Proportion of HCV spontaneous clearance γ 12.6% Dat’AIDS
Mean duration of acute infection 1/Ψ 180 days [9]
Infection rate of HCV among HIV patients in each risk group j βj estimated Dat’AIDS
Treatment coverage rate τ (30–90) per year
Average treatment duration 1/ω 12 (since 2015) and 24 (before 2015) weeks
DAA treatment SVR12 rate α 95% Dat’AIDS
Re-infection rate of HCV among HIV patients after SVR12 or spontaneous clearance in each risk group j δj see Table 1 per year Dat’AIDS
  1. DAA direct-acting antivirals, HCV hepatitis C virus, HIV human immunodeficiency virus, SVR sustained virological response