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Table 3 Marginal probabilities of the top five variables in relation to ‘intention request’

From: Hepatitis B in Moroccan-Dutch: a quantitative study into determinants of screening participation

Variables Content Answering options Marginal probability
Benefit clarity Participating in HBV screening will give me clarity (i.e. a decisive answer) Yes 0.541
No 0.327
I do not know 0.331
Barrier not having symptoms Participating in HBV screening is not needed if I do not have symptoms or complaints Yes 0.412
No 0.555
I do not know 0.498
Barrier trusting Allah Participating in HBV screening is not needed as I only trust Allah Yes 0.464
No 0.547
I do not know 0.512
Self-efficacy I think I am able to decide whether or not to participate in HBV screening Yes 0.538
No 0.429
I do not know 0.520
Risk without noticing Perceived risk of having HBV without noticing Low 0.475
Quite low 0.549
Average 0.568
Quite high 0.563
High 0.576
I do not know 0.585