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Table 1 PRECIS-2 tool nine domains and scoring method [12]

From: Real-world evidence: How pragmatic are randomized controlled trials labeled as pragmatic?

Domain Comment
Eligibility Who is selected to participate in the trial?
Recruitment How are participants recruited into the trial?
Setting Where is the trial being done?
Organisation What experience and resources are needed to deliver the intervention?
Flexibility: delivery How should the intervention be delivered?
Flexibility: adherence What measure are in place to make sure participants adhere to the intervention?
Follow-up How closely participants are followed-up?
Primary outcome How relevant is to participants?
Primary analysis To what extent are all data included?
  1. Score (each domain): from 1 to 5 using a 5-point Likert scale
  2. 1 = very explanatory, 3 = equally pragmatic and explanatory, 5 = very pragmatic