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Table 3 Birthweight-reducing alleles that are polymorphic in Europeans but fixed in other populations

From: High burden of birthweight-lowering genetic variants in Africans and Asians

SNP Gene Chr: position (hg19) Birthweight-reducing allele/other allele Population in which birthweight-reducing allele is fixed (RAF > 0.99)
rs11765649 IGF2BP3 7: 23479013 T/C EAS
rs138715366 YKT6-GCK 7: 44246271 C/T AFR, AMR, EAS, SAS
rs144843919 SUZ12P1-CRLF3 17: 29037339 G/A EAS, SAG
rs2229742 NRIP1 21: 16339172 G/C AFR, EAS
rs62240962 SREBF2 22: 42259524 C/T AFR
  1. AFR Africans, AMR admixed Americans, chr chromosome, EAS East Asians, EUR Europeans, RAF risk allele frequency, SAS South Asians, SNP single-nucleotide polymorphism