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Table 1 Details of studies and datasets used for analyses

From: Serum magnesium levels and risk of coronary artery disease: Mendelian randomisation study

Exposure/outcome Consortium Participants Web source if publicly available
Serum magnesium CHARGE and replication studies [22] 23,829 individuals of European ancestry Not available
Coronary artery disease CARDIoGRAMplusC4D consortium’s 1000 Genomes-based GWAS [23] 184,305 individuals (60,801 CAD cases and 123,504 non-cases) of mainly European (77%) and Asian (19%) ancestry
Blood pressure ICBP [29] 69,395 individuals of European ancestry
Lipids GLGC [30] 188,577 individuals of European ancestry
Glycaemic traits MAGIC [31] 46,186 non-diabetic individuals of European ancestry
Body mass index GIANT [32] 339,224 individuals of mainly European (95%) ancestry
Waist-to-hip ratio GIANT [33] 224,459 individuals of mainly European (94%) ancestry
Smoking TAGC [34] 74,053 individuals of European ancestry
  1. CHARGE Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology Consortium, GIANT Genetic Investigation of Anthropometric Traits, GLGC Global Lipids Genetics Consortium, ICBP International Consortium for Blood Pressure, MAGIC Meta-Analyses of Glucose and Insulin-related traits Consortium, TAGC Tobacco and Genetics Consortium