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Table 1 Flow chart of identification of NAFLD patients

From: Real-world data reveal a diagnostic gap in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Flow chart HSD (Italy) IPCI (Netherlands) SIDIAP (Spain) THIN (UK) Total
Total number of individuals ever enrolled by December 2015 1,571,651 2,225,925 5,488,397 12,695,046 21,981,019
Number of individuals with ≥1 year of registration in adulthood 1,544,573 1,780,500 5,259,575 9,085,325 17,669,973
Number of NAFLD patients NAFLD: 27,002 NAFLD: 48,036 (19,048 were incident post IPCI starting date) NAFLD: 77,547 NASH only: 1887 NAFLD: 23,529 NASH only: 1133 NAFLD: 176,114
  1. The descriptive tables (Table 2 and Additional file 1: Table S3) include only patients with an incident diagnosis made within the study period and with a record of a GP visit within ±6 months of diagnosis. Numbers for NAFLD/NASH were as follows: HSD 24,027, IPCI 18,865, SIDIAP 77,107 and THIN: 12,385 individuals. Note in HSD and IPCI, ‘NAFLD’ is likely to include patients with NASH since no separate term for NASH exists in these databases. The number in the ‘Total’ column includes patients within SIDIAP and THIN who have NASH
  2. GP general practitioner, HSD Health Search Database, IPCI Integrated Primary Care Information, NAFLD non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, NASH non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, SIDIAP Information System for Research in Primary Care, THIN The Health Improvement Network