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Table 3 Group comparisons between outbreak and endemic cases of tuberculosis due to RFLP types 0.0142 and 0.0728 in Alberta First Nations communities, 1991–2013

From: Epidemiological and genomic determinants of tuberculosis outbreaks in First Nations communities in Canada

  Two-group comparison (groups 1a and 2a) p values Three-group comparison (groups 1a, 2a and 2b) p values Four-group comparison (all groups) p values
Age of cases, years 0.2127* 0.2733* 0.0001*
Proportion of cases with cavitation on chest radiographs 0.559 0.0001 <0.0001
Mean number of total contacts per case 0.0369** 0.0001** 0.0001**
Mean number of close contacts per case 0.0522** 0.0126** 0.0001**
Mean number of child-age contacts per case 0.0239** 0.0202** 0.0004**
Mean number of new TST positive tests among contacts 0.0241** 0.0027** 0.0007**
Mean number of new TST conversions among contacts 0.0417** 0.0001** 0.0001**
Proportion of diagnoses made during cold season 0.265 0.35 <0.0001
Proportion of cases living on reserve 0.574 0.128 0.007
  1. RFLP restriction fragment-length polymorphism, TST tuberculin skin test
  2. *One-way ANOVA test
  3. **Kruskal–Wallis test (adjusted for ties)
  4. Fisher’s exact test