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Table 2 Number of mice used and outcome for both dosing regimens

From: High-level artemisinin-resistance with quinine co-resistance emerges in P. falciparum malaria under in vivo artesunate pressure

  Total number of mice Died before interpretable Resistance seen against highest dose Resistance not seen against highest dose
Single dose No. 43 8 28 7
%a    80% 20%
Double dose No.b 21 4 7 10
%a    41.2% 58.8%
  1. aPercentages calculated excluding mice that died before significance
  2. bDouble dose regimen began using parasites resistant to single dose 30 mg/kg
  3. The total number of mice used to select for resistance against both single and 2-day doses of artesunate across all dose concentrations, and the proportion of mice in which resistance emerged to the highest dose used, are tabulated. In instances where mice were sub-inoculated with the parasite strain but either died before receiving any drug treatment or died within 24 h of drug treatment (precluding meaningful measurement of their parasitemia), they were termed to have died before becoming experimentally interpretable. Parasites subjected to the 2-day regimen of artesunate were less likely to become resistant