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Fig. 1

From: The hidden burden of measles in Ethiopia: how distance to hospital shapes the disease mortality rate

Fig. 1

Epidemiological evidences: a Study area and spatial distribution of woredas. b Age distribution of measles patients hospitalized at the Woliso hospital between January 2013 and April 2017. The inset shows the estimated measles seroprevalence by age, as obtained on the basis of model estimates. c Time series of case patients recorded during the study period, overall, and in most affected woredas. The inset shows the cross correlation in the timing of epidemics in Woliso and most rural areas. d Cumulative incidence of hospitalizations per 10,000 individuals (h) by woreda/kebele and distance from Woliso hospital (d). The solid line represents estimates obtained by the negative binomial regression model; the shaded area represents 95% CI

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