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Fig. 4

From: A cluster randomised controlled trial of two rounds of mass drug administration in Zanzibar, a malaria pre-elimination setting—high coverage and safety, but no significant impact on transmission

Fig. 4

Confirmed malaria case incidence rates as reported in MCN before and after MDA. Error bars represent the range in monthly incidence rates in the control (red) and intervention (green) shehias. Horizontal bars represent the monthly rainfall on Unguja according to the Tanzanian Meteorological Agency Zanzibar Office. The blue bars under the x-axes represent the timing of IRS with Actellic®300CS, which is conducted annually in Feb–March in hotspot shehias. The yellow bars represent the two phases of the universal LLIN distribution in April 2015 and June–July 2016. The green bars indicate the timing of the two rounds of MDA (30 April–7 May and 28 May–4 June, respectively). The orange bar indicates the timing of the follow-up survey (30 Aug–9 Sept), and the primary endpoint of the study (30 Nov) is marked out with a black arrowhead

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