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Table 1 Summary indicators, across the different country income groups included in the analysis

From: Disaggregating catastrophic health expenditure by disease area: cross-country estimates based on the World Health Surveys

Income group (N) Average number of respondents Mean age (years) Average share of female respondents Average share rural Average share of population with an outpatient visit in the last year Share with catastrophic health expenditure
LICs (8) 4596 38 54% 77% 29% 15%
LMICs (18) 4906 40 51% 81% 58% 30%
UMICs (13) 7124 45 54% 53% 46% 17%
  1. Notes: LICs low-income countries, LMICS lower-middle-income countries, UMICs upper-middle-income countries, according to 2002–2004 World Bank income classifications. Survey weights used at the national level; population size used to weight at the income level. No population weights used for average number of respondents. Poverty index defined according to the number of deprivations in education and assets, a modified version of the multidimensional poverty index