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Table 2 Detailed information and serological profiles of five children from Kimberley, South Africa, with serological evidence of current or previous infection with HBV (based on positive HBsAg (n = 3) and/or anti-HBc (n = 3))

From: HBV vaccination and PMTCT as elimination tools in the presence of HIV: insights from a clinical cohort and dynamic model

Subject ID K306 K405 KReC51 KReC151 K093
Cohort HIV+ age ≤ 60 months HIV+ age ≤ 60 months KReC KReC HIV+ age > 60 months
Sex F F F M F
Age (months) at time of sampling 18 37 20 15 118
HIV infection Positive Positive Negative Negative Positive
ARTa (if HIV positive) Yes Yes n/a n/a No
Number of doses of HBV vaccine NK NK NK 3 NK
HBsAg resultb Detected Detected Detected Not detected Not detected
Anti-HBc resultc Not detected Not detected Detected Detected Detected
HBeAg resultd Not done Not done Detected Not done Not done
Anti-HBs resulte Not detected Not detected Not detected Detected Not detected
Interpretation Active infection Active infection Active infection Immunised, infected and cleared Infected and cleared
  1. aART indicates the participant was receiving anti-retroviral therapy to treat HIV infection; bhepatitis B surface antigen test; chepatitis B core antibody test; dhepatitis B envelope antigen test; ehepatitis B surface antibody test (vaccine mediated response). KReC Kimberley Respiratory Cohort, n/a not applicable, NK not known