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Table 1 Parameters used in the model. Parameters that are camp-specific take independent values for Balukhali and Kutupalong, and the initial proportion of infectious people is specific to each age group in each camp

From: Real-time analysis of the diphtheria outbreak in forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals in Bangladesh

Name Description Age or camp specific? Value Prior distribution
1/v Incubation period No 3 days  
1/γ Infectious period No 3 days  
β L Transmission rate Camp Fitted Uniform(0,)
r L Proportion of cases reported Camp Fitted Gamma(20,0.005)
ϕ L Dispersion parameter for reporting Camp Fitted Uniform(0,)
α1, L Relative susceptibility in under 5 age group Camp Fitted Uniform(0,1)
α3, L Relative susceptibility in over 15 age group Camp Fitted Uniform(0,1)
\( {S}_{2,L}^0 \) Initial proportion susceptible in the age group 5–14 years No 0.80  
\( {I}_{a,L}^0 \) Initial proportion of infectious Camp and age Fitted Uniform(0,)