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Table 1 International Classification of Disease revision 10 codes used to estimate road traffic fatalities (victims) and assaults

From: Quantifying harms to others due to alcohol consumption in Germany: a register-based study

Injury category

International Classification of Disease revision 10 codes

Road traffic fatalitiesa (victims)

V021–V029, V031–V039, V041–V049, V092, V093, V123–V129, V133–V139, V143–V149, V194–V196, V203–V209, V213–V219, V223–V229, V233–V239, V243–V249, V253–V259, V263–V269, V273– V279, V283–V289, V294–V299, V304–V309, V314–V319, V324–V329, V334–V339, V344–V349, V354–V359, V364–V369, V374–V379, V384–V389, V394–V399, V404–V409, V414–V419, V424–V429, V434–V439, V444–V449, V454–V459, V464– V469, V474–V479, V484–V489, V494–V499, V504–V509, V514–V519, V524–V529, V534–V539, V544–V549, V554–V559, V564–V569, V574–V579, V584–V589, V594–V599, V604–V609, V614–V619, V624–V629, V634–V639, V644–V649, V654– V659, V664–V669, V674–V679, V684–V689, V694–V699, V704–V709, V714–V719, V724–V729, V734–V739, V744–V749, V754–V759, V764–V769, V774–V779, V784–V789, V794–V799, V803–V805, V811, V821, V830–V833, V840–V843, V850– V853, V860–V863, V870–V878, V892



  1. aIncluding fatalities involving pedestrians, vehicle collisions, and other transport fatalities