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Table 2 A summary of the MICRO framework development steps (derived from [17])

From: Microbiology Investigation Criteria for Reporting Objectively (MICRO): a framework for the reporting and interpretation of clinical microbiology data

Step Detail
Initial steps Identify the need for a guideline
Review the literature
• Identify previous relevant guidance
• Seek relevant evidence on the quality of reporting in published research articles
• Identify key information related to the potential sources of bias in such studies
Pre-meeting activities Identify participants
Conduct informal exercise to identify key issues
Generate a list of items for consideration at the face-to-face meeting
Plan meeting, including preparation and of dissemination of pre-meeting materials
Face-to-face consensus meeting Present and discuss results of pre-meeting activities
Discuss the rationale for including items in the checklist
Post-meeting activities Finalise the guidance statement
Prepare manuscript for publication