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Fig. 2

From: Profiling the best-performing community medicine distributors for mass drug administration: a comprehensive, data-driven analysis of treatment for schistosomiasis, lymphatic filariasis, and soil-transmitted helminths in Uganda

Fig. 2

Reasons for refusal of treatment. PZQ praziquantel, ALB albendazole, IVM ivermectin. A treated individual was someone eligible for MDA and who was offered and ingested at least one pill of PZQ, ALB, or IVM from a CMD during 1 month of MDA. a A breakdown of the specific drugs and number of drugs that were offered, but not ingested amongst treated individuals is shown. Individuals did not provide reasons for refusing specific drugs. Hence, if a treated individual did not ingest more than one offered drug, then the reason of refusal applied to all of the drugs that were not ingested. Here, no more than one reason for refusing a drug was provided per individual, though no limit was imposed. b The number of individuals, amongst individuals eligible for MDA, and their reasons for either refusing to ingest all offered drugs or for not being offered any drugs are shown. Individuals who were offered drugs, but refused to ingest all of the drugs offered provided only one reason for refusing treatment. The eligible individuals who were not offered any drugs provided up to two reasons for not being offered treatment. No limits on the number of responses allowed were imposed

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