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Fig. 3

From: The introduction of ‘No jab, No school’ policy and the refinement of measles immunisation strategies in high-income countries

Fig. 3

Measles susceptibility in 2050 as obtained with vaccination at school entry. Cumulative fraction of susceptible individuals by age in the population in 2050, as estimated by assuming baseline routine country-specific vaccination activities, supplemented by a new vaccination strategy at school entry and by a catch-up campaign on 1–15 years old vary. Coverage levels for the latter strategies range between 20 and 100%. The grey line represents the estimated cumulative fraction of susceptible individuals by age in 2050, as estimated in the absence of additional vaccination programmes. Bars refer to the total fractions of susceptible individuals in the population in 2050 in different coverage scenarios, and vertical black lines represent their 95% credible intervals. The dashed grey line represents the 7.5% threshold required for elimination

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