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Table 4 Individual-level sensitivity in the cause of death assignment predicted by different algorithms for adult deaths (12–69 years) in the computer assignment arm (n = 4393)

From: Automated versus physician assignment of cause of death for verbal autopsies: randomized trial of 9374 deaths in 117 villages in India

Comparator listed below SmartVA InSilicoVA ISilicoVA-NT InterVA-4
NBC 22 23 19 18
SmartVA * 21 38 40
InSilicoVA   * 22 25
InSilicoVA-NT    * 67
  1. Average for the five algorithms: 30 (SD 16). King-Lu only produces population-level results and, thus, was not included. Individual-level sensitivity calculates each algorithm combination (i.e., NBC against SmartVA and SmartVA against NBC). Dual physician review of computer assignment arm produced the following individual-level sensitivity for each computer algorithm: NBC 22; SmartVA 47; InSilicoVA 31; InSilicoVA-NT 51; and InterVA-4 53
  2. *Not applicable