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Fig. 2

From: GWAS and enrichment analyses of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease identify new trait-associated genes and pathways across eMERGE Network

Fig. 2

a–c LocusZoom plot of the associations signals in three previously known regions for NAFLD. a Confirmation at 22q13 for PNPLA3. SNP rs738409 is a missense variation (I148M) in PNPLA3 produced the best effect (p = 1.70 × 10− 20). b Detected signal at 19p12 (GATAD2A, NCAN, TM6SF2) region. The best marker in this study was rs56408111 (p = 5.26 × 10− 6). The linkage disequilibrium (LD) between rs56408111 and previously known SNP rs4808199 was r2 = 0.24, D’ = 0.74. c Detected signal at 8q24 (TRIB1) genetic region. The best marker in this study (rs2980888) is shown (see also Additional file 1: Table S2). Estimated recombination rates (from HapMap) are plotted in cyan to reflect the local LD structure. The SNPs surrounding the most significant variant are color-coded to reflect their LD with the index SNP (taken from pairwise r2 values from the HapMap CEU database, Regional plots were generated using LocusZoom (

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