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Fig. 1

From: RTS,S/AS01E immunization increases antibody responses to vaccine-unrelated Plasmodium falciparum antigens associated with protection against clinical malaria in African children: a case-control study

Fig. 1

Effect of RTS,S/AS01E vaccination on IgG levels to non-RTS,S P. falciparum antigens at month 3. a Group i: Antibody levels at month 3 (M3) were lower in RTS,S than in comparator vaccinees. b Group iii: Antibody levels were higher at month 3 in RTS,S than in comparator vaccinees. Some representative examples are shown. Group ii antigens are illustrated in Additional file 1: Figure S1. Boxplots illustrate the medians and the 25th and 75th quartiles, whiskers display 1.5 times interquartile ranges, and diamonds show the geometric mean. Groups were compared through t tests and p values corrected for multiple comparisons using the Holm approach. Raw p values and adjusted p values in parenthesis are shown. log10 MFI, log10 of the median fluorescence intensity levels measured by quantitative suspension array technology

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