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Table 2 Number of events in the survival outcomes examined in this study

From: The long-term survival characteristics of a cohort of colorectal cancer patients and baseline variables associated with survival outcomes with or without time-varying effects

Survival statusNumberPercentage (%)
OS status
DSS status
 Death from other causes or alive39954.07
 Death from colorectal cancer19226.02
RFS status
 Recurrence (−)66189.57
 Recurrence (+)7710.43
MFS status
 Metastasis (−)58779.54
 Metastasis (+)15120.46
RMFS status
 Recurrence or metastasis (−)54273.44
 Recurrence or metastasis (+)19626.56
EFS status
 Recurrence, metastasis, or death from colorectal cancer (−)35948.64
 Recurrence, metastasis, or death from colorectal cancer (+)28737.67
  1. DSS disease-specific survival, EFS event-free survival, MFS metastasis-free survival, OS overall survival, RFS recurrence-free survival, RMFS recurrence/metastasis-free survival
  2. *This is because the cause of death information was missing for some patients