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Table 2 Associations between metabolites (continuous) and risk of breast cancer, for metabolites with raw P values < 0.05

From: Prospective analysis of circulating metabolites and breast cancer in EPIC

ClassMetaboliteOdds ratio and 95% CI (for 1 SD)aRaw P valuePermutation-based minP P valuebBonferroni P valuecFalse discovery rate P valued
Amino acidsArginine0.89 (0.80–0.99)0.0350.7531.0000.166
Asparagine0.87 (0.80–0.95)0.0020.1090.2400.062
Glutamine0.91 (0.84–0.99)0.0310.7311.0000.166
Glycine0.90 (0.83–0.97)0.0050.2290.6290.090
Histidine0.91 (0.84–0.99)0.0200.5881.0000.131
Lysine0.90 (0.83–0.98)0.0100.3891.0000.102
Threonine0.92 (0.85–0.99)0.0340.7521.0000.166
AcylcarnitinesC14:11.09 (1.01–1.18)0.0280.7041.0000.166
C18:11.11 (1.00–1.22)0.0400.7931.0000.183
C21.15 (1.06–1.24)0.00040.0310.0510.036
GlycerophospholipidsPC aa C32:30.90 (0.82–0.99)0.0260.6741.0000.166
PC aa C36:20.89 (0.82–0.97)0.0090.3391.0000.099
PC aa C36:30.89 (0.82–0.96)0.0020.1170.2720.062
PC aa C38:30.92 (0.85–0.99)0.0350.7531.0000.166
PC ae C34:20.90 (0.84–0.97)0.0080.3170.9660.099
PC ae C36:20.90 (0.84–0.98)0.0090.3391.0000.099
PC ae C36:30.88 (0.82–0.95)0.0010.0440.0730.036
PC ae C38:20.88 (0.81–0.96)0.0020.1280.3100.062
PC ae C38:30.90 (0.83–0.98)0.0120.4251.0000.107
PC ae C38:50.93 (0.86–1.00)0.0470.8361.0000.205
PC ae C40:10.92 (0.84–0.99)0.0300.7301.0000.166
PC ae C40:40.91 (0.84–0.98)0.0180.5531.0000.129
PC ae C42:10.90 (0.83–0.98)0.0100.3931.0000.102
lysoPC a C18:00.88 (0.80–0.98)0.0140.4731.0000.115
lysoPC a C18:20.89 (0.81–0.96)0.0040.2090.5590.090
lysoPC a C20:30.90 (0.83–0.98)0.0130.4341.0000.107
SphingolipidsSM C20:20.90 (0.82–0.98)0.0180.5461.0000.129
SM (OH) C22:10.90 (0.83–0.97)0.0080.3221.0000.099
SugarsHexose1.12 (1.01–1.24)0.0350.7521.0000.166
  1. SD standard deviation, CI confidence interval
  2. Italicized text indicates a statistically significant association with breast cancer risk after adjustment of P values by permutation-based minP
  3. aOdds ratios were estimated by logistic regression conditioned on center of recruitment, age, menopausal status at the time of blood collection, phase of the menstrual cycle at blood collection (for premenopausal women only), use of exogenous hormone at blood collection, time of the day at blood collection, and fasting status at blood collection
  4. bMultiple testing controlled for family-wise error rate at α = 0.05 by permutation-based stepdown minP adjustment of P values
  5. cMultiple testing controlled for family-wise error rate at α = 0.05 by Bonferroni adjustment of P values
  6. dMultiple testing controlled for false discovery rate at α = 0.05