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Table 3 Summary results for proportion of statistically significant age-treatment interactions among subgroup analyses with non-overlapping subgroup levels

From: Age-treatment subgroup analyses in Cochrane intervention reviews: a meta-epidemiological study

  No. (%) of statistically significant age-treatment interactions
P value for interaction reported in forest plots P value for interaction not reported in the forest plots Total
All age-treatment analyses
 Using analytical methods reported in forest plotsa 7/51 (13.7) 4/14 (28.6) 11/65 (16.9)
 Standardized using a fixed effects modelb 8/49 (16.3) 5/14 (35.7) 13/63 (20.6)
 Standardized using a random effects modelb 7/49 (14.3) 4/14 (28.6) 11/63 (17.5)
  1. aWe recreated the forest plots using the same methods outlined in the original Cochrane review (i.e., if the authors applied the Dersimonian and Laird random effects model to summarize risk ratios, we use the same effect measure and model)
  2. bWhen standardizing using fixed and random effects models, we excluded two subgroup analyses from one Cochrane review that did not provide information on which studies were included in the subgroup analyses or the methodology for the subgroup analyses that they conducted