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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of children with MSD included in this GEMS analysis

From: Determinants of linear growth faltering among children with moderate-to-severe diarrhea in the Global Enteric Multicenter Study

 n (%) or median (interquartile range)
Sociodemographic characteristics
 Age, months11(7–16)
  0–6 months1077(17.4%)
  > 6–12 months2361(38.1%)
  > 12–23 months2765(44.6%)
  The Gambia705(11.4%)
 Access to improved water2824(45.5%)
 Access to improved sanitationa1153(18.6%)
 Wealth index score [13]− 0.08(− 0.71, 0.59)
Clinical characteristics at presentation
 Severe wastingb470(7.6%)
 MUAC < 12.5 cm among 5126 children 6–23 months863(16.8% of 5126 children)
 Current breastfeeding 1456 children < 6 months
 Hospitalized at presentation1229(19.8%)
 Dysentery at presentationc1352(21.8%)
 ≥ 1 IMCI general danger sign3661(59.0%)
 Presented with at least 1 co-morbidityd2076(33.5%)
  Other invasive bacterial infection82(1.3%)
  Upper respiratory tract infection8(0.1%)
  1. aFlush toilet, ventilated improved pit latrine with or without water seal, or pour flush toilet not shared with other households
  2. bSevere wasting defined as weight-for-length z-score < − 3
  3. cVisible blood in stool observed by study staff or reported by caregiver at presentation; discharge diagnosis of dysentery per managing clinician upon leaving the healthcare facility; or observed in stool sample by laboratory staff
  4. dPer discharge diagnoses documented on medical records