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Table 3 Modifying effects of maternal folate levels with mercury levels on child overweight or obesity risk

From: In utero exposure to mercury and childhood overweight or obesity: counteracting effect of maternal folate status

Mercury quantileMaternal folate CrudeAdjusted
nCase, n(%)RR95% CIpRR95% CIp
Q4Low6439 (60.9)1.00  1.00  
Adequate236103 (43.6)0.720.56–0.910.0070.660.51–0.850.001
Q1-Q3Low19585 (43.6)1.00  1.00  
Adequate714289 (40.5)0.930.77–1.110.4270.960.80–1.150.658
P for interaction    0.095  0.086
  1. Q quartile. Mercury quartile range: Q1 0.39–3.68 μg/L; Q4 3.70–27.8 μg/L. Adequate folate was defined as plasma folate ≥ 20.4 nmol/L; low folate was defined as plasma folate < 20.4 nmol/L
  2. Adjusted for maternal race, smoking, education, parity, pre-pregnancy overweight or obesity, diabetes, hypertensive disorder, preterm birth, fetal growth pattern, and breastfeeding status