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Fig. 1

From: Travel time to health facilities in areas of outbreak potential: maps for guiding local preparedness and response

Fig. 1

Path from VHF environmental suitability through physical access to health facilities. The key activities from environmental suitability for VHF spillover events, physical accessibility to a health facility, and related detection, treatment, and response are portrayed. At the first stage—environmental suitability, possibilities of spillover events for one or more VHFs are mapped across Africa and demonstrate an individual’s potential for becoming infected with a VHF. At the second stage—physical accessibility, maps quantify how challenging a location’s terrain is to navigate by looking at the topography and relative friction of a surface. At the third stage—heath facility, a roster of health facilities demonstrates the capacities of a health facility (or lack thereof) to detect, treat, and respond to VHF cases. The progression includes a return arrow, as linkage to health facilities can initiate detection, response, and treatment in the community

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