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Table 1 Findings after referrals for colposcopy by screening programme, referral type and age, per 1000 women screened

From: Introduction of primary screening using high-risk HPV DNA detection in the Dutch cervical cancer screening programme: a population-based cohort study

Rate per 1000 screened womenHPVCytology
No follow-up with cytology or histology test*
Cytology only0.
No dysplasia3.
  1. N.B. Cases with a histological record that is coded as ‘no diagnosis’ (average of 1.2% of total cases) are included in the denominator but not presented in the table. Please refer to Additional file 1 for a comprehensive explanation of age group criteria
  2. *These women are referred for colposcopy, but no follow-up examination has been registered in PALGA. These women are either lost to follow-up or only colposcopy is performed
  3. **Pearson’s chi-square test significantly different for the distribution of outcomes between test types (p < 0.001)