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Table 3 Examples of apps offering all six suicide prevention strategies

From: Suicide prevention and depression apps’ suicide risk assessment and management: a systematic assessment of adherence to clinical guidelines

Stay Alive [49] is an app developed by a UK-based non-government-organization (NGO) (Grassroots Suicide Prevention) that provide users a comprehensive, customizable safety plan template that includes adding contact data for key members of the user’s support network, suicide-related information, grounding and relaxation exercises and direct access to emergency helplines through the app.
ReMinder App [50] is an app developed by an Australia-based NGO (On the Line) that offers users a customizable template to develop their safety plan using a combination of free text and pre-added options for users to choose from. This app assess the user’s mood using a self-reported depression test (K-10), allows users to save multimedia files to use when in crisis, provides information through Tweeter feed and access to emergency helplines and members of the user’s support network through the app.