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Table 1 Description of study contexts

From: Patients with positive malaria tests not given artemisinin-based combination therapies: a research synthesis describing under-prescription of antimalarial medicines in Africa

Study abbreviation and countryRegion (location)Study datesEndemicity setting (mRDT positivity)Number (%) of patients with a positive mRDT result that are under 5 yearsHealth care sector
Number (%) of patients with a positive mRDT result of those tested with mRDTCategory
Cam1 [20]CameroonWest Cameroon (Bamenda)October–December 2011124/598 (20.7)Mod–low34/124 (27.4)Public/mission
Central Cameroon (Yaoundé)145/390 (37.2)Mod–low62/145 (42.8)
Ghan1 [21]GhanaSoutheast Ghana (Dangme West)August 2007–December 20081308/3631 (36.0)Mod–low407/1308 (31.1)Public
Nige1 [24]NigeriaSouth central Nigeria (Udi)July–December 2009; June–December 2011139/323 (43.0)Mod–high16/137 (11.7)Public and private retail
South central Nigeria (Enugu)442/788 (56.1)High28/434 (6.5)
Tanz1 [23]TanzaniaWest Tanzania (Mbeya)May–October 2010; April–July 201218/128 (14.1)Low9/18 (50.0)Public
North Tanzania (Mwanza)46/278 (16.6)Low34/46 (73.9)
Southeast Tanzania (Mtwara)173/367 (47.1)Mod–high110/173 (63.6)
Tanz2 [22]TanzaniaNortheast Tanzania (Kilimanjaro)September 2010–January 2011295/4334 (6.8)Low51/294 (17.3)Public
Northeast Tanzania (Tanga)February 2011–March 20124105/12,963 (31.7)Mod–low1429/4102 (34.8)
Uga1 [25]UgandaSoutheast Uganda (Tororo)April 2011–March 201390,269/132,241 (68.3)High37,339/88,875 (42.0)Public
Uga2 [26]UgandaSouthwest Uganda (Nyakishenyi)January–December 201137/1128 (3.3)Low4/35 (11.4)*Community health worker
Southwest Uganda (Bwambara)3411/7632 (44.7)Mod–high238/3342 (7.1)*
Uga3 [27]UgandaSouth central Uganda (Mukono)January–December 20115690/9987 (57.0)High2239/5597 (40.0)Private retail
  1. *Uga2 included only patients aged < 6 years; proportions presented for patients aged < 1 year
  2. Denominators vary to reported number testing positive by mRDT due to missing data for age. Nige1 (Udi: n = 2; Enugu: n = 8), Tanz2 (Kilimanjaro: n = 1; Tanga: n = 3), Uga1 (n = 1394), Uga2 (Bwambara: n = 22), Uga3 (n = 28)