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Table 2 Differences in the remaining life expectancy (in years) between populations with a history of disease and the general population, and the changes in these differences, 1998–2017

From: Trends in life expectancy: did the gap between the healthy and the ill widen or close?

Myocardial infarction11.968.70− 3.268.485.86− 2.62
Ischemic stroke9.508.05− 1.457.475.75− 1.72
Hemorrhagic stroke14.7613.91− 0.8511.5311.34− 0.19
Hip fracture7.089.07+ 1.998.179.70+ 1.54
Colon cancer10.679.17a− 1.518.627.91a− 0.71
Lung cancer18.0418.18a+ 0.1314.9816.66a+ 1.68
Breast cancer4.772.43a− 2.35
  1. aData for year 2016