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Table 1 Comparison of the replication study with the published results by Flaxman et al. [1]

From: Non-confirming replication of “Performance of InSilicoVA for assigning causes of death to verbal autopsies: multisite validation study using clinical diagnostic gold standards,” by Flaxman et al.

 InSilicoVATariff 2.0
 Our replicationFlaxman et al. [1]Serina et al. [7]
 Median95% UIMedian95% UIMedian95% UI
CCCSMFA: no HCE23.8(−0.6, 48.1)2.1(0.5, 3.9)23.1(21.6, 24.3)
CCCSMFA: HCE31.4(6.5, 52.5)13.9(12.6, 15.5)37.6(36.5, 38.9)
CCC: no HCE32.8(27.2, 37.8)28.5(28.3, 28.7)37.8(37.6, 37.9)
CCC: HCE37.9(32.1, 43.2)34.1(33.9, 34.5)50.5(50.2, 50.7)
  1. CCCSMFA chance-corrected CSMF accuracy, CCC chance-corrected concordance