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Table 2 Minimum essential information required for death notification [6]

From: Where there is no hospital: improving the notification of community deaths

The following information is commonly the minimum required for notification of a death, regardless of the mode of notification. Numbers in brackets relate to the topics and themes to be investigated for vital statistics purposes through the CRVS system, as defined by the UN Principles and Recommendations for a Vital Statistics System.
1. Information about the deceased
 a) Full name
 b) Date of birth or age at death (11)
 c) Sex (12)
 d) Address (6)
2. Information about the death event
 a) Date of death (1)
 b) Place of death (3)
 c) Cause of death if medically attended, or mode of death (41)
3. Information about the declarant/informant
 a) Full name
 b) Address and phone number
 c) Relationship to the deceased