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Table 1 Data input summary

From: Health and economic burden of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) disease and the cost-effectiveness of potential interventions against RSV among children under 5 years in 72 Gavi-eligible countries

Demographic dataPopulation projection in 2020 [13]
Under-1 and under-5 mortality, life expectancy [13], and stillbirth rate [14]
Uncertainty was not taken into account
RSV disease burdenInterpolate the age-specific data (per month) and scale it per country
• RSV incidence
• Hospitalisation
• Mortality among hospitalised patients (probability), then multiply adjustment factor 2.2 × 0.9 for overall death in both hospital and community settings
• Uncertainty around age-specific RSV incidence and hospital mortality; for details, refer to Additional file 1
• Uniform distribution is assumed for the overall death adjustment factor 2.2 (1.5–2.9) and influenza adjustment factor 0.9 (0.8–1)
Immunisation coverageWHO BCG coverage 2016 as a proxy for both strategiesUncertainty was not taken into account
Efficacy70% (50–90%) [15]Only for scenario analysis
Duration of protectionMaternal, 5 months (3–6 months) [15]
mAb, 6 months (4–8 months) [12]
Only for scenario analysis
Health care seeking probabilitiesWHO reported children with suspected pneumonia taken to an appropriate health provider (%) (range, 13% in Somalia to 92.3% in Ukraine) as proxies for outpatient visits [16]Uncertainty was not taken into account
Hospital length of stayCountry-specific data, or 5.8 days (95% CI 5.3–6.4) if data were unavailable [17]Gamma distribution (alpha = 432.52, beta = 0.014)
Treatment cost for outpatient and hospitalisationCountry-specific data, with pneumonia costs as a proxy for outpatients and hospitalisations, or adjusted from the WHO-CHOICE data [18]Gamma distribution (for details, refer to Additional file 1)
Intervention cost in USD (including delivery cost)Maternal, $3 for one dose
mAb, $6 for one dose
Only for scenario analysis
Health outcomeDuration of illness, 11.2 days (10.1–12.3) [19]
DALYs of moderate ALRI, 0.053 (0.032–0.074) [20]
DALYs of severe ALRI, 0.21 (0.139–0.298) [20]
Gamma distribution
Duration of illness (α = 398.3, β = 0.014)
DALYs of moderate ALRI (α = 24.5, β = 0.002)
DALYs of severe ALRI (α = 26.8, β = 0.008)
Discounting3% for both costs and health outcomesNot applicable