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Table 1 Data types and their strengths and weaknesses

From: Is health research undertaken where the burden of disease is greatest? Observational study of geographical inequalities in recruitment to research in England 2013–2018

Data typeScopeAccuracyGranularity
Data on recruitment by hospital Trusts and primary care aggregated into CCGsComprehensiveApproximateHigher
All CRN recruitment data includedRecruitment from hospital trusts attributed to CCG based on locationData available across 195 CCGs
Hospital trust and primary care recruitment data matched to LCRNsComprehensiveAccurateLower
All CRN recruitment data included Data aggregated to 15 LCRNs
Data on recruitment by primary care aggregated into CCGsPartialAccurateHigher
All primary care data, but around 20% of CRN recruitment data included Data available across 195 CCGs