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Table 1 Parameter definitions for expected cost equations

From: To screen or not to screen: an interactive framework for comparing costs of mass malaria treatment interventions

Equation parameters Description
Cost components
CostTrt Cost of treating one person (e.g., cost of one antimalarial drug)
CostRDT Cost of one rapid diagnostic test (RDT)
CostFP Cost associated with one false positive outcome
CostFN Cost associated with one false negative outcome
Outcome probabilities
p(M =1),p(M =0) Likelihood of microscopy outcome (1 = infected, 0 = uninfected)
p(RDT=0),p(RDT=1) Likelihood of RDT outcome (1 = positive, 0 = negative)
p(RDT=1 | M =0) Likelihood of false positive
p(RDT=0 | M =1) Likelihood of false negative