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Table 1 General characteristics of the included trials

From: An evidence mapping and analysis of registered COVID-19 clinical trials in China

Study type
Study initiator
Recruitment status
 Not yet recruiting9744.0
Length of study time
 L ≤ 3m7735.0
 3 < L ≤ 6m4420.0
 6 < L ≤ 12m6730.5
 12 < L ≤ 24m2310.5
 L > 2420.9
Age group of the recruited or intended population
 3 years and older10.5
 12 years and older10.5
 14 years and older52.3
 15 years and older20.9
 16 years and older41.8
 18 years and older13260.0
 22 years and older10.5
 30 years and older10.5
 60 years and older10.5
 Chinese collaborators7132.3
 International collaborators41.8
Data monitoring committee
 Has data monitoring committee10145.9
 Not have data monitoring committee2210.0
 Not yet determined4721.4
Study start date (year, month)
 2020, January3415.5
 2020, February18081.8
 2020, March62.7
Study sponsor
 Government and industry20.9
 Government and hospital10.5
 Hospital and industry20.9
 Hospital and university10.5
Ethical approval
Number of research centers
 Single center10447.3
  1. m month, NP not provided