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Table 2 Design of registered trials

From: An evidence mapping and analysis of registered COVID-19 clinical trials in China

Trial phase
 Pilot study7735.0
 Phase 120.9
 Phase 1/phase 231.4
 Phase 252.3
 Phase 2/phase 362.7
 Phase 362.7
 Phase 44219.1
Number of arms
Study design type
 Parallel design15168.6
 Factorial design177.7
  Computer software6855.7
Masking (blinding)
  Investigator, outcomes assessor14.3
  Participant, care provider, outcomes assessor14.3
  Participant, care-provider, investigator, outcomes assessor417.4
Total sample size
 > 3004721.3
Severity of illness
The number of major outcome
 More than three4721.4
Control intervention type
 Positive drug146.4
 Positive drug and conventional therapy31.4
 TCM and positive drug10.5
 No treatment62.7
 Conventional therapy8940.5
Intervention type of experimental group
 Antiviral drug3716.8
 Hormone drug73.2
 Compound Chinese herbal medicine2410.9
 Traditional Chinese Medicine injection52.3
 TCM and conventional western medicine2611.8
 TCM and antiviral drug10.5
 Biologicals and conventional treatment104.5
 Antiviral drug and hormone drug20.9
 Antiviral drug and biologicals31.4
 Antiviral drug and conventional treatment31.4
 Antiviral drug and biologicals and hormone drug10.5
 Antiallergic and conventional treatment10.5
 Anti-inflammatory drug20.9
 Vitamin C20.9
 Drug to regulate intestinal flora and conventional treatment10.5
 Daoyin + conventional treatment10.5
 Acupoint stimulation and qigong and conventional treatment10.5
 TCM and moxibustion10.5
  1. NP not provided, TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine