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Table 1 Characteristics of included reviews

From: Systematic reviews and meta-analyses comparing mortality in restrictive and liberal haemoglobin thresholds for red cell transfusion: an overview of systematic reviews

First author Year Population Total no. of patients Total no. of trials Proportion transfused RBCs Mean difference in units transfused Describes timing of intervention Mortality time points pooled in meta-analyses Subgroups presented for mortality outcome
Brunskill 2015 Patients undergoing surgery for hip fracture 2722 6 R: 38%, L: 96%* NR Y 30-day; 60-day; 90-day  
Carson 2018 Adults or children admitted for surgical or medical care 19,049 37 R: 50%, L: 81% NR N 30-day Total; cardiac surgery; acute myocardial infarction
Chong 2018 Adult surgical or critically ill patients 10,797 27 NR Critical care 1.7, surgical 1.3 N 30-day; late mortality (60 to 365 days); in-study Critical care; surgical
Cortes-Puch 2018 Patients with and without cardiovascular disease 14,397 17 NR NR N 30-day or in-hospital Cardiovascular disease patients hospitalised for non-cardiac reasons; for percutaneous coronary interventions; for cardiac surgery
Docherty 2016 Adults with cardiovascular disease not undergoing cardiac surgery 3033 11 R: 41%, L: 96%* NR N 30-day Total; Stratified by cardiovascular disease
Gu 2018 Adult patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery 3968 10 NR NR N 30-day  
Holst 2015 Adults or children admitted for surgical or medical care 9813 31 R: 45%, L: 86% 1.43 N Mixed (unspecified) Low risk of bias trials
Hovaguimian 2016 Adult surgical or critically ill patients 12,052 31 NR NR N Within 30 days Cardiovascular disease undergoing cardiac or vascular procedures; patients with cardiovascular disease undergoing orthopaedic surgery; surgical and medical patients admitted to an acute care facility
Kheiri 2018 Patients undergoing cardiac surgery 9005 9 R: 52%, L: 76% NR Y Within 30 days  
Luo 2018 Haematology/oncology 733 5 NR 0.33 N 60-day  
Mao 2017 Adults undergoing hip or knee surgery 3788 10 R: 36%, L: 74% NR N 30-day  
Melchor 2016 Critically ill adults admitted to intensive care units and/or with acute coronary syndrome 2159 6 R: 63%, L: 99% NR Y Mixed (longest term) Critical care; coronary artery disease
Mitchell 2017 Adults undergoing hip or knee surgery or hip fracture repair 3783 9 R: 39%, L: 81% 0.95 N Mixed (unspecified)  
Muller 2018 Patients undergoing major orthopaedic surgery 3693 8 R: 36%, L: 82% NR N 30-day  
Odutayo 2017 Patients 16 years and older with acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding 1965 5 NR 1.73 N Mixed  
Patel 2015 Adult patients undergoing cardiac surgery, adult and paediatric critically ill or noncardiac surgical patients 11,713 25 NR NR N 30-day Cardiac surgery; non-cardiac surgery
Salpeter 2014 Adults or children admitted for surgical or medical care 2364 3 NR 1.98 N In-hospital, 30-day, total  
Shehata 2018 Adults or paediatric patients undergoing cardiac surgery 9092 13 R: 53%, L: 78% 0.90 Y Within 30 days Adult patients; paediatric patients
Simon 2017 Adults admitted for surgical or medical care where a substantial proportion of the trial population was older than 65 years 5780 9 R: 52%, L: 77%* NR N 30-day; 90-day  
  1. R restrictive strategy, L liberal strategy, RBC red blood cell, NR not reported
  2. *Calculated from data presented in tables and figures