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Table 2 Adherence to statins at 12 months follow-up between participants randomised to usual care (control) or the 3R intervention

From: Effectiveness of the Ready to Reduce Risk (3R) complex intervention for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial

VariablesNumber of participants (%)Adjusted at follow-upaAdjusted at follow-up*
Total**ControlTotal**InterventionOdds ratio (95% CI)P valueOdds ratio (95% CI)P value
Complete caseb
 Statin adherence (urine)6636 (55)5434 (63)0.91 (0.31 to 2.67)0.8601.37 (0.66 to 2.88)0.399
 Statin adherence (MMAS)9536 (38)7937 (47)1.82 (0.89 to 3.74)0.1031.46 (0.79 to 2.69)0.227
Intention to treatc
 Statin adherence (urine)10762 (57)10566 (63)0.79 (0.30 to 2.09)0.6381.24 (0.62 to 2.47)0.541
 Statin adherence (MMAS)10739(36)10548 (46)1.81 (0.89 to 3.67)0.1011.48 (0.82 to 2.69)0.193
Per protocold
 Statin adherence (urine)6636 (55)4831 (61)0.88 (0.30 to 2.61)0.8241.25 (0.59 to 2.64)0.560
 Statin adherence (MMAS)9536 (38)7436 (49)1.93 (0.93 to 3.99)0.0761.55 (0.83 to (2.90)0.164
Urine-MMAS datae9547 (50)8046 (58)0.97 (0.48 to 1.99)0.9451.37 (0.75 to 2.50)0.301
  1. CI confidence interval
  2. *Adjusted for stratification factors: sex and age; odds ratio > 1 favours intervention
  3. **Total number includes all participants who had either a urine test or if urine test is not performed, MMAS data available at 12 months
  4. aAdjusted for stratification factors: sex and age and baseline value; odds ratio > 1 favours intervention
  5. bParticipants with missing outcome data or missing variables required for the model adjustment were excluded
  6. cMissing data imputed using multiple imputation
  7. dParticipants who did not engage with at least one group session of the programme have been excluded from the intervention arm
  8. eMorisky Medication Adherence Scale (MMAS) was used by adding the MMAS adherence data where urine adherence data were missing, using a high score of 8 to indicate high adherence. Use of the©MMAS is protected by US and international copyright laws. Permission for use is required. A licence agreement is available from Donald E. Morisky, MMAS Research (MORISKY), 294 Lindura Court, Las Vegas, NV 89138-4632;