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Table 3 Recommendations for recruitment

From: Exploring the acceptability of controlled human infection with SARSCoV2—a public consultation

This public consultation suggests that recruitment materials for this study could usefully include the following:
Young healthy adults have the lowest risk of severe illness.
The risks of severe illness and death are not known with any certainty.
Being infected under controlled conditions with immediate access to specialist health care may reduce the risk of disease progression.
Having underlying health conditions, living with dependents or being key workers means they will not be considered.
Clear explanation that the study would require a period of strict isolation of up to 28 days.
Offering the choice of whether they spend time at home in isolation with access to on-demand hospital facilities or whether they isolate for the whole period in hospital or a dedicated hotel/private accommodation.
Availability of research team members to discuss their involvement and answer questions about the study from volunteers, their families and their employers.
Availability of a psychologist to support volunteers through their isolation.
All needs for food, transport, pet care, etc. taken care of and high-quality internet access whilst in isolation.
Cover for loss of earnings whilst in isolation or ill would be offered.